IRB - How to add a new contact in eIRB RX (hosted by Huron)


Provide a process in which eIRX RX Site Managers can add new users into the Huron hosted version of eIRB RX.

Step 1

Log into eIRB RX, hosted by Huron.

Step 2

In the upper right corner of the screen, click on "Projects":

Screenshot of navigation

Step 3

On the Custom Searches screen, look on the upper right corner of the screen for "Create: Organization / Contact". Click on "Contact":

Screenshot of contact on the toolbar

Step 4

A popup entitled "New Contact" will appear. On this screen there are only two (2) required fields, Last Name and Organization. You may fill out any fields that you think are necessary.

To find information for the person that you are adding, you may consider going to the Emory Directory.

Click OK in the lower right corner to finish adding the new contact:

Screenshot of the new contact window