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We have compiled the ORA IT procedures you need to navigate your work. If you don't see what you need, please contact us.

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YouTube for creating ORA YouTube videos

The current Research Administration standards using YouTube to create ORA YouTube videos are: they are Public (anyone can search for and view), License (Standard YouTube License), Map Location is Atlanta, GA, Comments – Don't allow comments, Comment Voting – Don't allow comment voting, Video Responses – No, don't allow video responses, Ratings – No don't allow this video to be rated, Embedding – Yes, make this video available on mobile phones and TV. (When a video contains potential copyrighted material, the video will not be posted.)

There is an ORA naming convention for ORA YouTube videos. Examples are below: if questions, email the ORA-IT Director.

  • ORC: Research Matters 5/2/2020
  • ORA: ERAZ 3/21/2020
  • OTT: Annual Celebration 2019 - Start-up of the Year

There is one ORA YouTube playlist.

There is no provision in YouTube to create subfolder/sub-playlist within the ORA YouTube playlist.

If you wish to leverage the ORA YouTube playlist for your unit, please email W.E. Brown.

Vendors providing IT related services*

RA IT must be an active participant in conversations before a vendor that provides IT related services is engaged. The scope of IT related services needs to be discovered to see if Emory University already provides the service, if the request should go through Emory IT Governance and how the Research Administration division might be impacted.

IT Training (Server, Database Development (MS Access included), coding beyond HTML*)

IT Training requests must be submitted to the RA IT department head for review. If warranted or requested, pending a final decision, a conversation may be scheduled to review the request.


ORA Staff members must not install, implement, or develop any custom code using JQuery, JavaScript, or PHP without review, assistance, and/or authorization from ORA-IT. Nor, can they sign up for and use Google Analytics outside of the accounts provided by ORA-IT.

IT Incident and Service Request Tickets*

All Research Administration units supports by OIT Client Services: Tier 2 and ORA-IT should submit all IT incident and service requests through Emory Help or using the email address of EU Help.

Please state the issue that you are encountering so the ticket is routed to the correct department.

ORA Business Case/Project Signoff*

ORA units will need to submit a business case outlining the basis for initiating an IT project. ORA IT will assist in the creation of the ORA Business Case.

ORA Enhancement Request*

ORA units will need to submit an enhancement request outlining the basis for the enhancement/modification to the requested IT system or service. ORA IT will assist in the creation of the ORA Enhancement Request.

IT Maintenance Window

ORA-IT strives to follow the OIT Maintenance Windows when possible. Emory IT: Scheduled Maintenance

*Compass is excluded and one should work directly with Compass PeopleSoft support.