Emory VPN Access

Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides off-campus users with secure access to the Emory University's internal network. Emory VPN access uses a web browser to establish the remote access connection. It secures traffic by encrypting communications.

Basic VPN access and Admin Core access (NOTE: Only supervisors and/or local support personnel are permitted to request elevated access.)

How to Request Basic VPN access

AS OF 3/13/2020

A change will be made 3/13/2020 at 6:30am is to allow University, not Healthcare folks to use the VPN without having to first gain access by calling the Service Desk. This basically just opens it up for use to anyone on the University side who can authenticate.

All new VPN users must have Basic VPN access before requesting elevated VPN Access. The user requiring this access must contact the University Service Desk at 404.727.7777 to be vetted/registered to use VPN.

For sponsored accounts, the sponsor must call first on behalf of the person and get an EPIN number. The person with the sponsored account then calls the Service and supplies that EPIN number to verify their identity. This step must be done first before requesting additional VPN access.