Support for ORA Apps

While is used to request support for a majority of software applications and hardware at Emory, ORA's Application Support Team provides support for a select set of applications. A few of them are as follows:

  • eIACUC
  • eIRB
  • eDisclose
  • eCTS (Contract Tracking System)
  • eGTS (Grant Tracking System)
  • Patricia
  • RAS Views (of ORA eCTS and eGTS)

For support of these ORA-specific apps, email ORAIT Help to generate and send a support ticket to ORA-IT (ORA's Application Support in the IT Help application). This email address has been created to streamline the process of requesting and resolving ORA application issues. Expanded guidance regarding additional supported applications will be provided in the future.

To avoid support delays, ensure your emailed, support request includes the following:

Subject Line

  1. Brief, descriptive Title for the request and/or issue.
  2. Application Name.

Example: Can't Login to eIRB Account

Email Body

  1. Detailed description of the request and/or issue.
  2. Application Name.
  3. All relevant Net ID's, Study/Protocol numbers, and/or other identifying information.
  4. Attach Screenshots of errors or other relevant information.

Example: When I try to login to my eIRB account with my Emory University credentials, zsmith384, I get the following error message: "The username and/or password you entered was incorrect." Please see the attached screenshot.