ServiceNow ticket submission guide

All Research Administration units supports by LITS Client Services: Tier 2 and ORA-IT should submit all IT incident and service requests through Emory Service Now or using the email address of Please state the issue that you are encountering so the ticket is routed to the correct department.

When an issue has been identified with an ORA system (see information below), please create and submit a ServiceNow ticket and ask that it be routed to ORA Application Support so that the issue can be investigated.

This will allow us and yourself to identify where the ticket is in the investigation process, how long it takes to process a ticket, and communicate via comments inside ServiceNow.

An example of how to complete a ServiceNow ticket is the following:

  • In the Short Description of Issue Field mention the item for example eIACUC

    • Also mention that the ticket should be routed to ORA Application Support if an ORA Application Support item

  • Details of Issue Field elaborate about the item. If possible, attach a screenshot since a picture is worth a thousand words.

  • Please include the IRB study number or the IACUC protocol number (if applicable).

IT solutions supported by ORA Application Support

  • eIACUC
  • eIRB
  • OTT-Inteum
  • OTT-Patricia
  • EHSO-EHSassist
  • EHSO-iForms
  • EHSO-EHSinsight

  • eCOI

  • Five Year Trend Reports
  • ORA Standard Reports
  • FGC Monthly/Annual Expenditures
  • FGC Monthly/Annual Expenditures (WHSC)
  • OSP Award Tracking Reports - OSP INTERNAL USE ONLY
  • OSP Award Tracking System Admin - OSP INTERNAL USE ONLY
  • OSP Contract Tracking Reports - OSP INTERNAL USE ONLY
  • IACUC - OHS Questionnaire
  • EHSO Forms
  • EHSO RAD Safety Committees - Protocol Review
  • ESHO Staff Availability Status Monitor
  • EHSO Forms Admin
  • RAS Views
  • RAS Views Award Data
  • RAS Views Contract Data
  • ORA Contract Tracking Data
  • ORA Contract Tracking Data - Peoplesoft/COMPASS Merged Data
  • ORA Contracts Date First Revision Sent
  • ORA Contracts Date Fully Executed Notice Sent
  • ORA Contracts Date Last Follow Up
  • ORA Contracts Date Negotiations Completed
  • ORA Contracts Date Received By Contract Group
  • ORA Contracts Date Received Status ON HOLD
  • ORA Contracts Date Received Status Pending
  • ORA Contracts Median Days Report
  • ORA Grant Tracking Data - Peoplesoft/COMPASS Merged Data
  • OSP Pending Awards Export
  • OSP Pending Awards Export With Financials