Procedure Regarding Lost or Stolen Devices Belonging to Emory

If a device belonging to Emory is lost or stolen, please follow the procedure below. If the device was personally owned but contained sensitive Emory data, please report via this procedure as well.

  1. If stolen, have the victim user file a police report in the jurisdiction in which the theft occurred.
  2. Advise the user to change their Emory password by visiting My Password
  3. Report the loss to your supervisor.

Please include the following information:

  1. Make/Model of the device, serial number, and MAC address (as many of these as are known)
  2. User the device belonged to
  3. Police report number (if applicable)
  4. Description of how the loss or theft occurred, and date/time it occurred
  5. Description of the type of data stored on the device, particularly any sensitive data (student information, ePHI, intellectual property, etc.)